Established in 1980 Gary Walker & Associates (GWA), located in Simi Valley, California fills the gap
between Engineering research and application in the the fields of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Our company, structured for adaptability to client requirements, provides systems engineering management
as readily as problem solving by task. We can assemble a versatile project team or assign one proficient
engineer. We are able to manage the development of a complex system or the use of a single component.

The functional organization of
GWA comprises projects, not departments. We have found that project
organization is the best for the demanding jobs we undertake. When your requirements are presented, a
project team appropriate to the nature and scope of the job is assembled. The "Team" might be a single
engineer. More often,it will be an integrated, multi-disciplined group. Temporary offices can be established
near the project.

The Company's confidence in the project organization has been confirmed through our years of structuring
programs to conform with requirements of technical performance and budgets.

We serve industry, government, universities, and individuals. Our clients return for the advantages of our
optimal size, which permits quick response; for our policy of continuous client liaison; and for our record of
quality performance kept within schedule and costs.
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