Newbury Park High School
Central Plant
Switchgear &
Transfomer Pads
Pipe & Conduit
Cooling Towers
Cooling Tower Yard
Hot Water Boilers
GWA provided the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to replace all the
existing gas furnaces in the classrooms and other buildings on the campus with
new air handlers located in the existing but modified furnace cabinets and closets
that uses chilled and hot water for heating and cooling.

At the same time over one summer all the utility infrastructure was replaced on the
entire campus which consists of 19 existing buildings which includes Classroom
Buildings, Administration Buildings, Gym Building, Girls and Boys Shower and
Locker Buildings, Shop Buildings, Maintenance Buildings, and a Performing Arts
Building.  All underground sanitary sewer piping, water piping, gas piping, power
and communications conduit and wires were replaced.  A new Fire Alarm System
was designed and installed, a new Communications System was designed and
installed.  A new Central Plant was designed and installed.  Three Air Cooled open
Cooling Towers, three water cooled Chillers, four secondary and primary Chilled
Water Pumps, four water Boilers, four secondary and primary Hot Water Pumps,
and a new electrical service for the new Central Plant Building was designed and
installed.  All the secondary and primary chilled and hot water pumps are
controlled by variable frequency drives. The Boilers complied with the Ventura
County Air Pollution Control Board with less than 20 ppm NOX rating.  The HVAC
system is controlled by the new state of the art Energy Management System
designed by
Chilled Water &
Condenser Water
Variable Frequency
Air Handler
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