PepsiCo International
Birdy Coffee
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Ingredient Mixing
Ingredient Mixing
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GWA provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Construction Administration for
PepsiCo International on the world’s largest coffee extractor located in Ventura, California.  
$12 million dollars of construction not including the process, sterilizer, and canning line.  At full
production this facility can process, package and sterilize 1,000 cans per minute.

The Mechanical Yard was 1,400 square feet of carefully arranged equipment.  Included are a
16 ton Ice Builder, a 2,000 gallon per minute Cooling Tower, a 5,000 gallon tank, a 40
horsepower Air Compressor, and two 250 horsepower Steam Boilers.

Piping was also designed for future expansion.  A 10-inch treated water loop, a 6-inch chilled
water loop, a 6" steam main, and a dozen other pipes leave the Mechanical Yard to serve the
beverage process equipment.  These are followed by hundreds of branches and drops filling
the ceiling space and cascading down the walls to an unbelievable number of points on the
system.  Aside from piping, the plumbing design boasts a 1,230 gallon sterilizer surge tank to
address instantaneous demands of over 250 gallons per minute, and a 25,000 gallon
discharge tank to address waste water too hot for the local sewer district.

The Electrical design included a new 3,000 amp - 480 volt switchboard, over a dozen panels,
and a few miles of conduit and wire.  With most of the equipment continually changing during
construction, electrical design was an ongoing task.
40 HP Air
Ingredient Mixing
Valves & Piping
New Equipment
The Final
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