Gary Walker opened his office in 1980 providing Mechanical Engineering to his clients.

In 1981, recognizing the need for a local consulting firm capable of providing complete Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering services, Gary Walker added Associates to establish such a firm.

We have found that offering both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering improves the service to the client
with the ultimate in project coordination, engineering quality, and better efficiency in producing the project
on schedule and within the budget.

The firm has from its beginning steadily expanded its professional services, adhering to the philosophy that
only quality professional work is acceptable.

GWA has provided Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services in over 15 states, and in numerous
locations over seas.

GWA offers Forensic Engineering on an as requested basis, as well as a determination that the
case has complete merit. We have provided our expertise and knowledge to help defend business
owners, building owners, insurance companies, and other design professionals.

Gary Walker is a private pilot and the company has rapid access to projects that are not local to the
Southern California area.  

GWA has a complete array of tools, meters, and test equipment to allow for verification at a project of
any and all conditions including evaluation of existing conditions; testing equipment for proper operation;
and corrective work recommendations. Members of
GWA staff are trained in the proper and safe use of
these tools.
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