Registered Professional Engineer
in 15 States
Registered Land Surveyor in Arizona
GWA since 1980
Professional Engineer since 1978

Mr. Walker received his education at the University of Arkansas. He has continued his education in
engineering at UCLA by taking graduate courses to achieve his continuing education as required by
most of the 1
5 states where he is registered as a Professional Engineer.

Gary Walker has been at Gary Walker & Associates in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
since 1980. Duties and responsibilities at Gary Walker & Associates include conceptual design of
HVAC, power, lighting, control, and plumbing systems, system design, scheduling, cost estimating,
quality control, construction administration, and overseeing all aspects of the operation of Gary Walker
& Associates.

Numerous projects of differing size and complexity have been designed, constructed and occupied
utilizing plans developed by Mr. Walker. These projects include single family housing, multi-family
housing, schools, restaurants, hospitals, industrial facilities, office buildings and retail spaces. These
projects were brought in within budget, on time and coordinated among all trade involved. Mr. Walker
is experienced in economic analysis and life cycle studies for large construction projects.

Mr. Walker was the Engineer on a project that been awarded the ASHRAE Energy Award which is
given for building designs that utilize innovative and energy efficient approaches to air conditioning
problems. This particular project included the design of a thermal energy storage plant, computerized
building controls, renovation of existing HVAC system and system upgrades to remove a building air
quality problem.

Mr. Walker has been the Engineer for the renovation and remodel of over one hundred schools for
less that fifteen school districts, and over one hundred hospital projects at less than twenty hospitals.
He has been the Engineer for over two hundred Tenant Improvements.

He has been the Engineer for over twenty five office remodels for the Los Angeles Department of
Water and Power (
LADWP). He was the Engineer for the Ducommon Headquarters facility which
covered over four city blocks for
LADWP in 1982, the North Hollywood Pump Station for LADWP which
is a critical facility for LADWP in 1986, two water treatment plants for

He was the Mechanical Engineer for over twenty projects for Siemens Solar in Camarillo, California.

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