In more recent years GWA has been requested to provide our experience and knowledge in the form of
Forensic Engineering. We have provided our services directly to Design Professional Insurance Company,
local companies, and law firms. Inquiries are invited and references are provided upon request.

We offer Forensic Engineering in the fields of Mechanical Engineerin and Electrical Engineering.

When verifications of construction in the field are required, our equipment includes a calibrated Airflow Hood,
Digital 30 day power analyzer, Fluke rmf corrected Multi Meter, Light Meters, Laser Non-Contact
Thermometer, Sound Meters, EMF (electro-magnetic field) Meter, Carbon Monoxide Sensor Kit, Sling
Psychrometers, Water Pressure Gauges, Clamp-On Current Meters, Amp Probes, Voltage Meter, Probe
Type Thermometer, Multi-Meters, Video Camera, Mechanical Tachometer, Strobe Non-Contact
Tachometer,and virtually any other device which one might require to provide accurate field observations
and to ensure proper installation.  Very few engineering firms own any of this equipment, due to the cost of
the equipment, and the lack of ability or experience of most to use it safely.  The staff members at
GWA that
use this equipment in the field are fully trained to do so, and safely.

We also have a complete work area for model building with all the required tools and the ability to use them.
We are able to build model buildings, construction sites, and building components to scale, all while using
various materials. We are then able to test theories and recreate events with the models. Our Model Room
consists of, but is not limited to, the following tools: a miniature Lathe, miniature drill press, miniature router,
Dremel Tool kit, numerous types of model building knives, model paints, model paint brushes, and miniature
paint spray guns.
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